Vision & Mission


The young find a centre of excellence to grow, powered by God experience, transformed by faith in God and men, blossoming into full potential, flourished by reaching out in service and thrilled in comradeship.


✔ Provide opportunities to experience the Absolute Reality through various tangible methods and thereby students develop a sense of
brotherhood among themselves.
✔ Enable students to grow in all mental abilities, such as knowledge, understanding, application skill etc and above all naturalizing the
inquisitive attitude in day to day life.
✔ Inculcate natural values, human values particularly social and spiritual values such that they are influenced to lead a worthy life in
✔ Cultivate patriotic and civic responsibility and the related values such as tolerance, respect for others, patriotism, etc.
✔ Enable them to admire the rich traditions of the motherland, search for God, secularism, justice, fraternity, equality, and liberty.
✔ To keep the students up with the fast changing world but never to lose the footing on preferential values.