Our Patroness

St. Ann the patroness of the institution

St. Ann is the patroness of this institution. She was born in the city of Nazareth and was educated in the temple of the Lord. The meaning of the word ‘Ann’ in Hebrew is ‘grace’. She was a grace-filled lady in the true sense and was very much devoted in learning Holy Scriptures. Ann was married to Joachim and was barren for a long time. But their incessant prayers for a child was answered and got a noble girl child and that was Mary, who miraculously gave birth to Jesus, the son of God, in this world. He is believed as the one who freed mankind from the bondages of sin and death. ‘Every tree is known by the fruit it bears’ (St.Lk.6/44) is true in the case of Ann. She is a model in bringing up young ones in wisdom.