Our Inspiration

St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara is the inspirer behind all our educational activities. He was boreducating children irrespective of caste, creed and sex, because he believed only education can liberate a person from all sorts of bondages such as ignorance, inequality and falsity. He advocated universal education and incentives too, to attract children to schools.n at Kainakary, Kerala, and was brought up in fervent faith in God. He longed to become a priest from a very young age and joined seminary at an age of fifteen. When his father, mother and the only brother died of widespread cholera, while he was in the seminary, he was brought back only to see their tombs. He was deeply affected by the sudden shock, but unwilling to give up his desire, though the relatives forced him to stay back. Leaving house hold matters to his married sister, he left home and went back to seminary to continue his priestly studies. At the age of 25, he became a priest and his interest was nothing other than the well being of the people of Kerala. He took bold steps in It was his noble appeal to establish schools along with every church.

He was a great visionary educationist who dreamt of social changes like equality of women, irradication of caste system, education of the backward and dalits etc. He himself succeeded in bringing about fundamental changes in the 19th century Kerala in all walks of life. He was earmarked for his innumerable renovations in the field of family life, education, mass media, health care programme, and palliative care centers for the poor, together with the spiritual and liturgical upliftment of people in his time. If Kerala emerges today with the highest percentage of literacy among all other Indian states, it owes much to him for its development in literacy, education, women education, and in alienation of caste system too. He founded two religious congregations one for men and the other for women to continue his noble vision for the betterment of the society. He is a model of passion for his followers. He considered God as his loving father and all people as his own brethren. Acknowledging his sanctity and passion for the people, the Holy Catholic church raised him to sainthood on 23rd Nov 2014. Though that honour came to him very late, 143 years after his death, it is a sure indication that he still remains active and alive in the history and in the hearts of many.