For Parents

✔    ‘Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents.’ It is the duty of the parents to be responsible for their ward’s
✔    They should be interested in keeping the rules and regulations of the school always and encourage their children to do so.
✔    They should be in touch with the school authorities and keep up healthy relations with them.
✔    Whenever the school authorities require their presence in the school, they should do so with interest.
✔    Parents have to be a model in practicing values like patience, integrity, courtesy, generosity, forgiveness, sacrifice, honesty, justice,
love and empathy, because it is said, ‘values are not taught, but caught.’
✔    They should be aware of their ward’s behavior patterns and problems and help to rectify it whenever necessary.
✔    They should be interested in the wholesome growth of their children, scholastic and non scholastic aspects.
✔    ‘Fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom.’ They should try to inculcate true faith in God.’ If no faith in God one will not have faith
in oneself and in others.
✔    ‘A disciplined life is quite necessary to achieve success in life.’ Parents should help the school to ensure disciplined behavior of their
✔    Parents should remember that they are also equally responsible for the integral growth of the children and should be a support to
the teachers whenever necessary.
✔    They should be actively involved in the activities of P.T.A.
✔    Parents should check up the academic achievements of their wards regularly.
✔    Parents should keep in mind that ‘Young people should, not only be loved, but should also know that they are loved.’ (V.C. 96)
✔    Parents are expected to see the cleanliness of their wards in tact as expected to be ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness.’
✔    Parents should check the wards diary everyday and do the needful. They can use the diary to communicate to the teachers on related